3 Piece Valve 
AF-35M 3-pc Metal Seated Direct Mount / Full Bore

  Size Range 1/4" - 4"
Pressure Rating 2000 PSI
Seat Material SS316 + Stellite
End Connection TH, SW, BW
Mounting Pad ISO 5211
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AF-35M 3-pc high performance metal  seated  ball valve with ISO  direct mounting  pad is  designed for use in high  temperature, abrasive, and  high pressure media in power  generation,  petrochemical,  mining,  and pulp  &  paper  industries.

To stand out from other economic  valves in  the market,  valve structure & wall thickness is fully comply to ASME B16.34 standard  on Class 900 construction. The  structure ensures  safety in  the  high performance  application.

Standard material for metal  seat &  ball is Co element (known as Stellite). The Co based material   is  good at hardness, corrosion resistance and stable under high temperature.

The patented  unique split seat design is perfect to seal the leakage from & over the seat  area to meet at  least Class V leakage  class.

AF-35M  metal seated ball valve is uni-directional shutoff as standard. 

1" AF-35M 3-PC Metal Seated Ball Valve BW ISO 1127


  • 3-Piece Construction of Superior Performance
  • High Quality Investment Casting
  • Inconel Spring provides better sealing function
  • Blow-out Proof Anti-static Stem for Max. Safety
  • Class 900 construction
  • Live Loaded Adjustable Stem Packing
  • Available in Socket Weld, Threaded, Butt Weld or Flanged
  • ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad for Easy Automation
  • Uni-directional shut off as standard.
  • Fire safe design
  • V-port 15/ 30/ 45/ 60/ 90/ Slot for flow control  
  • Bi-directional for option when low work pressure
  • Special Alloy on Body / End cap / Ball / Stem


  • Pneumatic or Electric Actuator, Limit Switch, Solenoid Valve, Air Filter, etc.


Stem Extension for thermal isolation

A closed coupling/bracket solution for both actuator and manual operation.

For protection against heat or cold, as it keeps the actuator/handle away from valve.

Insulation becomes easy when installing the stem extension.

Standard ISO 5211 top flange, for easy mounting of actuators.

Cast in stainless steel with great durability for most applications.

*Carbon Steel Valve with Stem Extension for High Temperature*

*Stainless Steel Valve with Stem Extension for High Temperature*



Fugitive Emission Bonnet

With secondary sealing to prevent stem leakage for demanding tasks.

Live-loaded stem sealing design and a port for leakage detection.


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